Frequently Asked Question - Looking for an apartment in Fribourg

On our homepage you will find useful tips and advices:

- list of free rooms in Apartis buildings
- search help and tips on how to find a room or an apartment

You can also find these information in selfservice at our office Rue de l’Hôpital 4 in Fribourg.

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I’m an exchange student (Erasmus, ISEP, bilateral agreement, free mover)

Apartis rents about 60 furnished rooms for exchange students. To rent one of these rooms please contact directly the international relations office There you will get all information about the possibilities of lodging. Your registration will be transferred to Apartis. You will find information about our buildings on our website: Rte Mont-Carmel à Givisiez.

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I’m a foreign student

Please register on our waiting list on the website. To receive a contract for an Apartis-room you have to pay about CHF 1'500.—in advance. This amount corresponds to the rent guaranty and the first rent which has to be paid in advance before renting a room with Apartis. You also have the possibility to contact some other addresses.

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Sort of accommodation at Apartis

The main apartments we rent are sharing apartments with 2 to 5 rooms. Each tenant receives an individual lease for his room. The tenant has to share the kitchen, bathroom and WC with his housemates. We have 104x 1-room flats and 8x 1.5-room flats for a total of 830 rooms.

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Number of tenants per room

Apartis‘ principle is „one room – one tenant“ which means that in a 2-rooms flat there can live at max. 2 persons for example.

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Smoker – non-smoker flats

The tenants have to decide if they want to smoke in their rooms (with the risk to pay the costs for a redecoration at the end of their stay). In the common rooms (kitchen, entry, bathroom) the non-smoker principle is valid if the tenant didn’t agree on other rules.In the Sonnenberg, the Foyer des Jeunes and Av. Jean-Paul II smoken is forbidden.

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Can I choose the language or sex of my housemates?

Apartis rents his rooms independent of criterias like culture, language or sex. The composition of tenants is mainly by coincidence.

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Are the rooms and apartments furnished?

Some apartments reserved for exchange students are furnished as well as the rooms in the house Sonnenberg, Foyer des Jeunes and Jean-Paul II - Aiglon. All other rooms of Apartis are rent without furniture. Each tenant is free to decorate his room to his taste. The living kitchens are equipped with stove, fridge and kitchen cupboards but not furnished. The tenants have to agree about the possible furniture. Kitchen utensils have to be brought by each tenant himself.

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Parking places

  • Givisiez Rte Mont-Carmel 21: 38 parking places in the underground car park (rent: CHF 50.-/month).Normally there are always free places. The parking on the property and in the district is forbidden.
  • Marly Chemin des Epinettes : 34 outside parking places (rent: 30.-/month).
  • Varis in Fribourg Varis: 5 outside parking places (rent: 50.-/month). (almost occupied)
  • Midi in Fribourg Av. du Midi : 1 outside parking place. The parking around the property is forbidden.
  • Fribourg Rue de l'Industrie : no parking places. There are public parking places with a resident sticker un the district.
  • Résidences du Campus (Cube + Front) : 6 parking places in the underground car park (rent : CHF 100.-/month). There are public parking places with a resident sticker un the district.
  • Jean-Paul II 11 - Aiglon: 0 parking place, a public parking is situated 1 minute walk by foot from the building

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Are there existing suitable for the disabled - apartments?

All apartments on the ground floors are suitable for the disabled. The apartments in Rte du Varis 5, 7, 9, in Rue de l‘Industrie 14 and rue Wilhelm-Kaiser 6 are suitable for wheelchairs and have a continuous lift.

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Rental period

The tenancy agreements of Apartis are unlimited and terminable on the agreed dates (31st August and 31st January). In this way the rental period is at minimum 6 months. Private landlords or student homes offer different rental and terminate conditions.

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Rental conditions

All persons studying in a school recognized by Apartis (university, university of applied sciences and arts, high school) have the right to stay in an Apartis room. You’ll find the complete listing of recognized schools on our web site: Guideline from 13.12.2012 relating to the rental rules art. 3.

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Conditions for trainees, doctoral candidates, assistants

We ask a copy of the employment contract. Assistants, doctoral candidates and trainees have not the right to stay in an Apartis room if their professional activity is more than 40 %. You’ll find the exact terms for having the right of an Apartis room on our web-site Directive concerning the right to benefit from rental accomodation.

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Rental costs at Apartis

The rental costs per month (including advance payment for internet, heating and warm water) are varying according the place of the building and the size of the room/apartment.

  • (Change: CHF 1.20 = € 1)
  • "Rte Mont-Carmel " in Givisiez : between CHF 330.- (about € 275) and CHF 470.- (about € 392)
  • "Av. du Midi" in Fribourg : between CHF 330.- (about € 275) and CHF 526.- (about € 438)
  • "Chemin des Epinettes" in Marly : between CHF 295.- (about € 246) and CHF 380.- (about € 317)
  • "Varis" in Fribourg: between CHF 390 (between € 325) and CHF 475.- (between € 396)
  • "Industrie" in Fribourg: between CHF 345 (about € 287) and CHF 465.- (about € 387)
  • Route Wilhel-Kaiser 6 (Cube) in Fribourg : between CHF 595 (about € 500) and CHF 690 (about € 650)
  • Route Wilhel-Kaiser 2 (Cube), Rue de l'Industrie 24, 26, 28 (Front) in Fribourg : between CHF 410 (about € 340) and CHF 560 (about € 460)
  • Sonnenberg in Fribourg: between CHF 320.- (about € 267.-) and CHF 380.- (about € 317.-) including furniture, electricity and weekly cleaning of the common rooms
  • Foyer des Jeunes in Marly :
    - room : CHF 310 (about € 260), including furniture, electricity, Internet,
      and weekly cleaning of the common rooms
  • Jean-Paul II 11 - Aiglon:
    - between CHF 590.- (about € 490) and CHF 680.- (about € 566)

Once a year (in October) the extras (costs of heating and warm water) would be settled up.

The rent has to be paid monthly before the end of the precedent month.

Before moving in has to be paid the rent guarantee (3 months of rent), the 1st rent and the administrative fees of CHF 20.- (about € 17).

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To observe before moving out

The termination has to be written. The rental contracts are unlimited and could be terminated 2 times a year: with a period of 3 months in advance on 31st August and 31st January. See Directive concerning the right to benefit from rental accomodation.

In case of a termination outside of the agreed dates the tenant has to pay the rent until the official termination date, except for the moment he proposes a suitable next tenant, solvent and accepted by the housemates. Attention: Exchange students are not accepted (for these students we have furnished rooms with special rental conditions).

The room and the common rooms have to be handed over clean and tidy.

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