BioNanomaterials Research Projects

Engineered nanoparticles meet the biological world at the nano-bio interface. This encounter holds many promises, e.g. for application in medicine (“nanomedicine”), raises concerns for the safe use of nanomaterials (“nanotoxicology”), and has led to novel science investigating the cellular interaction of nanoparticles.
The interests of the group are situated at the interface of these fields. We address fundamental and applied questions, which are also highly relevant to important societal issues such as environment or human health.
Our overarching goal lies in understanding and controlling all aspects from nanoparticle synthesis and ligand chemistry, colloidal behavior in complex biological fluids, and nanoparticle-cell interaction to intracellular trafficking and nanoparticle and cellular fate. We strongly rely on advanced cell culture techniques, microscopy (light, electron, atomic force), and scattering methods (light and X-ray) in addition to typical chemical and biological analytical methods (e.g. Calorimetry, NMR, TGA, UV-VIS, FACS, PCR etc).

Current Research Activities

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