Industry Partnerships

The valorization of research results is one of the Institute's key missions. We want to bring the results of fundamental research to practical use by promoting an active technology transfer and a culture of open innovation with our partners. AMI's research strategy is based on the philosophy of exploiting synergies that arise through the dual role of «early-stage research», which allows one, if the research problems are cleverly selected, to advance fundamental science and generate results that are of value to industrial partners.

Technology Transfer Scheme

During directed research activities with industrial partners, the acquired competences and knowledge is put into practice on application-oriented research themes. AMI is helping to build the foundation for next generation products based on nanotechnology by working hand in hand with its partners along the value chain.

Possible Collaboration Models

  • Industry-funded research projects: Application-oriented research in AMI labs in fields of mutual interest.
  • Publicly-funded market-oriented R&D projects: Projects where a funding organization pays the academic partner to help industry partners enhance existing products or create new ones. The industry partner provides matching funds: in-kind or cash (CTI, PST-FR).
  • Joint research teams: Mixed teams of researchers from AMI and industry who work in a strategic longterm collaboration on a field of common interest.
  • PhD thesis: Supervision of industry researchers completing a PhD while in employment.
  • Short-term research mandates: Pre-feasibility for potential research collaboration (test a concept or provide first results).
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