The research groups are at the core of the institute. Researchers account for about 90% of the employees. Today, AMI consists of four permanent research groups and two junior research groups. The research group leaders are full professors at the University of Fribourg's faculty of science and contribute to teaching at the Master’s level with a reduced teaching load. The institute is led by an executive director and the executive board, which report to the Institute Council.

Besides lean administrative services, a major emphasis is put on creating a stimulating environment for innovation through an industry liaison and technology transfer office for partners from academia and industry. Professional support in EU project proposal writing guarantees an efficient participation in European research programs. A communications officer additionally takes care of public affairs and ensures that external stakeholders are made aware of our research and innovations.

Organizational chart

Adolphe Merkle Institute - Chemin des Verdiers 4 - CH-1700 Fribourg - Phone +41 26 300 9254